$\gamma p\to (a_2, f_2)\, p$

High energy model for tensor meson photoproduction

$\gamma p\to \pi^0 \eta \,p$

Polarized moments for the photoproduction of two distinguishable pseudoscalar mesons

$\gamma p\to J/\psi \,p$

Photoproduction of hidden charm for searches of pentaquarks at JLab

$\gamma p\to V p$

Spin Density Matrix Elements for vector meson photoproduction

$\gamma p\to\eta^{(\prime)} p$

High energy model for $\eta^{(\prime)}$ beam asymmetry photoproduction

$\omega,\phi\to 3\pi$

Khuri-Treiman analysis of the Dalitz plot of light vector to three pions


Interpretation of the lightest pentaquark candidate observed at LHCb